Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dark Kid Lit, Realm Makers, and Whispersynced Audiobook

It looks like I've not even thought about this place for a few weeks now. But I assure you, that's not true. I've started--and deleted--several blog posts lately. I simply can't get hold of a topic solidly enough to post about it.

So, today I will at least get some links and such up:

I have another post up at A Flame in the Dark. It is my take on why kids should be allowed to read dark fiction. Check it out HERE.

I don't normally post links to reviews of my books, but this one just made me feel so awesome when I read it. Review of Seeking Unseen on Yellow30 Sci-fi Review--click HERE.

Realm Makers. If you haven't heard (did I post here about this yet?), I'll be on faculty at the Realm Makers Conference this coming May (30-31) at the campus of Villanova University, which is just outside Philadelphia, PA. I'll be teaching a session on Writing for the YA Market, and co-teaching one on Science in Fantasy Writing. For more info and registration, click HERE. (PS--we have Tosca Lee as Keynote Speaker, and I am stoked!)

The last thing I want to mention is that Finding Angel is now Whispersync enabled. That means, if you buy (or already own) the ebook copy, you can purchase the audiobook for $1.99. That is ebook and audiobook together for just shy of $6. The coolest part is that they will be synced, so if you want to listen for a while, then read, then go back to listening, etc., it will keep track of where you left off and keep going from there.

HERE is where you can purchase both. You have to buy the ebook, then the audiobook will show up at the lower price and you can then buy that. (If you find that they can go in the cart at the same time, let me know, but I'm pretty sure they have to be bought separately.)

PS--if you want a taste of the audiobook, you can listen to the first couple of chapters here:

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