Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Fun at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016: Panels and Pictures

Two years ago, my family attended Tampa Bay Comic Con for the first time. (You can see my post about that here.) Last year, it just didn't work out for us to go at all.

Me, William Hatfield, and Rod Martinez
This year, though...I was invited to be on writers panels! I got this out-of-the-blue email from an author -- Rod Martinez, who writes Middle Grade adventure stories. He had set up a panel and needed panelists. He told me he Googled something like "local Tampa fantasy authors" and my website came up in the top listings. He liked my site, thought I'd be a good fit, and contacted me. I had to think about it.,,,for about three seconds ;). Hah! Of course I was going to say yes! It's Comic Con! (Also, lesson to authors: When they talk about having an online presence, this is one reason. It's not just so your books are easy to find--it's so YOU are.)

Well, one panel led to another, when an author had to back out. And then a third when a dear author friend recruited me for a panel he was on.

It meant spreading my days out--early morning Saturday, late night Saturday, then again Sunday morning. So worth it, though. I had a blast and met some of the coolest people! The audience members asked all kinds of questions, as most of them were writers themselves. They were so kind and attentive and came up after the panels to talk to us panelists, and even buy some books.

In between panels, I hung out in the vendor hall with my buddy, author William Hatflield, pictured in the bottom right here:

Tell me those costumes aren't cool! (If a bit blurry, because I forgot my real camera and had to use my phone.) The guy on stilts walked around like he did that all day normally. And Predator...well, come on. Fab.

I did get some clearer pics Sunday, when I remembered my real camera....including Velma, who bought a copy of Finding Angel after hearing me talking to someone else about my books. Thank you, Velma!

That Moaning Myrtle costume is just brilliant. And even though I knew this was not actually Levar Burton, I totally fan-girled at the sight of Geordi La Forge.

Quick story before I close out here...

I was leaving Comic Con after my time there Sunday morning -- panel, hanging out with Bill, walking the way too crowded vendor hall -- and when I got to the exit, I realized it was raining. Well, I had books in a basket and no way to keep them dry. I decided to try to find a plastic shopping bag or something to cover my books with, and I walked through the main hallway downstairs. Suddenly a guy comes up to me and asks if the books in my basket were books I wrote. Tall, youngish (in other words, obv younger than me), very sweet guy. I tell him, yes, they are. He asks if he can buy copies.

Of the whole series.

He loves meeting authors, he tells me, and wants copies of whatever I have that I wrote myself.

This, folks, is something that just makes an author's day. So, Josh, it was great meeting you, and thank you for making an already fantastic morning even more awesome!

And that's it--my first time as a panelist at Comic Con.

Next, I'll be doing panels again at Necronomicon in October. A smaller con, but oh, it's where my heart is! I've been attending Necro for years, doing panels there ever since Finding Angel released. I'll post here as soon as I have my panel schedule there. In the meantime, if you want more info, visit the Necro site HERE.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016 - Writing Panels With ME!


I've been invited to be on three panels. Details below. If you are at the Tampa Bay Comic Con during those times, please come by and see me!

Tampa Bay Comic Con, August 5-7, 2016

Tampa Convention Center.
333 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602

Saturday, 8:30am - 9:30am | Rm. 20
Do you have a great story sitting on the porch of your brain house, but having trouble getting that plot off of it’s butt? Well, come to where no writer has gone before, where writer’s block doesn’t exist, but instead the next Star Trek.

Saturday, 10:30pm – 11:30pm | Rm. 20
Enjoy the thrilling world of action, fantasy and sci/fi fiction as it comes alive by the authors who craft them. Meet, greet and hear them read from their own works of art as you are drawn into their world of storytelling. Join them for a lecture on writing and crafting novels along with a reading from their latest books.

Sunday, 10:00am – 11:00am | Rm. 5
Every popular science fiction or fantasy writer of novels, comics, or any other medium started out as an “aspiring” author. A panel of pro SF and fantasy writers will discuss the art and science of writing and will give advice to move you from “aspiring writer” to “writer.” Q&A to follow.

Click HERE for info and tickets.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Realm Makers 2016

This was year four of the Realm Makers Speculative Fiction Writers Conference. It's unique in that it's geared toward spec-fic (sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal) written from a Christian worldview. I have had the fortune of being part of this conference from the very beginning. The first year was pretty small, maybe 85 people including faculty. I was on a couple of panels that year. Year two saw a sliver of growth, and I taught a couple classes and participated in one panel. Last year, the third year, Realm Makers literally doubled in size. We got bigger names for faculty and had a larger offering of classes, so I was simply an attendee. (I did get to judge the costume contest, though. And my short story was a finalist in the RealmScapes anthology contest.)

This is available on Amazon!!!

That brings us to year four. Again, I wasn't faculty, but I served as Appointment Coordinator. That meant working with spreadsheets, plugging in lots and lots of names, making sure people weren't scheduled to meet with two agents or editors at once--which, trust me, is very much a challenge! At the conference, it meant lots of last-minute changes, making forms for mentor appointments, and checking on the faculty who were available for appointments. I'll tell you this: Our faculty was awesome to work with!!!!

I mentioned mentor appointments. That was something I got to do myself--as a mentor! I had a spot on a comfy couch and got to advise authors on ways to improve their writing, or their pitches, and encourage and just connect. It was so fun!

Lastly, there was the Paranormal/Supernatural Panel I moderated. We unofficially snuck Horror into the mix, and I am so glad we did. That pretty well took over the conversation and spawned some awesome questions from the audience. The panel was only an hour long, but if we hadn't had to break for dinner we could have continued for hours.

Oh, what else...

The costume dinner, of course! This year I didn't let anyone know ahead of time who I'd be going as. It's an odd choice, and got a variety of reactions. Yes....I was Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors, and I had Audrey 2 with me. I made my carnivorous companion myself.

There were tons of other great costumes as well:

Those are just a few examples of the cosplay going on at Realm Makers!

Fun was had everywhere else as well. In classes, during meals, walking from here to there and back again, and just hanging out in the gathering areas. Realm Makers is a place where we all felt connected, where we all knew we belonged, where we could have differences of all kinds and still feel part of a greater whole.

Oh, and there was this cutie:

Doesn't that alone make you wish you were there???

So, there you have it. My weekend adventure at the greatest Speculative Fiction Writers Conference EVER. The only thing missing is my grand exit. The tunnel that takes you under the train tracks to the station for the train to the airport was flooded, so I and two train-traveling buddies decided the easiest way to cross was...the ill-advised way.

Yeah...nowhere did I say this was a conference for rule-followers!

Hope you've enjoyed my post, and if you want to see some more pics, visit my public Realm Makers 2016 Facebook album. (No, you don't have to have a Facebook account to view it. But if you do have an account and you want to keep up with my writing adventures, feel free to send me a friend request! You can also follow my Author Page.)

Now. I leave you with the promo for REALM MAKERS 2017!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Legacy Rewound is Live!

Priorities. Those things you have to put before other things because you have made commitments.

Yesterday I wanted to announce that Legacy Rewound is live, but Beastie 1 (my son, for anyone new to the site) and I were volunteering at local food bank most of the day. Yep, that comes first. There are families that rely on that ministry for food every week, and the ministry relies on us.

This morning I wanted to announce that Legacy Rewound is live, but Beastie 1 is helping his grandpa fix a car--a project that has done a lot to bring them closer and they've been having so much fun--and I needed to drive him over there. So yep again, that comes first.

This afternoon I wanted to announce that Legacy Rewound is live, but Realm Makers is coming up FAST, and the work I'd intended to do over the weekend was side-tracked by a stomach bug. So today I needed to get schedules finalized and submitted. Realm Makers is a conference I believe wholeheartedly in, and I want more than anything for all of it to go smoothly--including my part.

Which brings me to now.



Sunday, July 17, 2016

Toch Island Chronicles: Book 3 Cover Reveal


If you follow me on Facebook, you got a sneaky-peek of the cover for Legacy Rewound yesterday. I was home sick in bed when my proof copy arrived, and I just couldn't wait to share, but I wasn't up to doing it properly. Here's the image I posted: 

My photo doesn't quite do it justice, though. Yes, the real-life cover is a bit darker than the original jpeg, but it's so, so lovely. Here is what the original file looks like, front and back: 

Just a few more days and it'll be live and ready for purchase! Just waiting for Amazon to sync the pages, then I can share the link!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Best mash-up image ever. :)
I spent part of last week with a group of friends--most of them new friends, as I was meeting them for the first time. 

I had hopes that at least one of them would come even a little close to my level of geekiness, but alas, that proved a false hope. None of them had ever seen so much as a single episode of Doctor Who. It did make me very grateful for Jeff and Beastie 2 who got my obscure hints during our games of Taboo and Catchphrase. 

Me: "On Doctor Who, you definitely never want to..."
Jeff: "Blink!"

Me, with hand cupped over mouth: "Are you my mummy?"
Beastie 2: "Gas mask!"

Everyone else: *blank stares*

This is not a new feeling for me. I'm the oddball in my homeschool group (the only mom who needs more than two hands to count her piercings) and my Christian writers group (the speculative fiction and horror writer). I was a punk-rocker in my teens and early twenties. (Technically, I still am, but the look is tamer these days.) Growing up, I was nerd, geek, girl-who-loved-sci-fi, tall and lanky, etc.

You'd think I'd relate strongly to feeling the outcast. And yes, at times, I truly have. But over the years, I've realized that I am not an Outcast...
1.a person who has been rejected by society or a social group.
synonyms: pariah, persona non grata, reject, outsider, leper
I am an Outlier.
1.a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system.
"less accessible islands and outliers"
2.a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set.
"an outlier in Faulkner's body of work"

The difference is, an Outcast really wants to be in that main body, right there with everyone else. An Outlier, though, simply sits apart because that is who or what they are.

I enjoyed my time with friends last week. We talked and joked and, of course, played board games. But not once did I wish to not be the oddball. Not once did I wish my to hide my geekiness so they would accept me. Not once did I feel Outcast...but I definitely felt the Outlier.

It's accepting that difference in me that allows me to have fun in these situations though, not just during those times where I'm with my fellow geeks or punks or whatever. Letting go of any need for approval of my quirks lets me see them as simply part of who I am, and think only of being the best me I can be no matter who I'm around.

So, I stayed in the shade the whole time we boated, and I used Doctor Who references while we played board games, and I shopped art galleries and Celtic gift shops...

And bought stuff like this at a candy store:

And geeked out over space-themed ceiling fans at the Greek restaurant where we had lunch:

And most of all, I appreciated being loved for being me:

Friday, June 24, 2016

My Artistic Busy-ness

I promised my next post would be about what's been keeping me busy outside of writing.
I promised pictures.
I also promised this would be sooner.

Well, I can't keep that last one without time-travel, but I can keep my promise on the other two.

For the past month or so I've been finishing up the third Toch Island book....
...which finally has a title

While it's off for its final edit and I'm waiting on the final cover design (something I promise I will reveal in full as soon as I can!), I've been focusing on my visual arts.


Multiple methods displayed here, some made from sticks, some dowels, and lots of fun finishes.
My most recent and the first one I hand-carved (except for the ball on the end).


And my newest endeavor...

Mixed media:

This was a gift for the worship leader at my church.

This is my drawing worked into a mixed media piece.
I'm planning on making more, with different drawings, and selling them at art/craft shows.
Actually, I may add a bit to that last one. I'm really enjoying trying different kinds of art, doing something that's not drawing-focused (although I'm still sketching now and then), and making things out of the drawings I've already done.

Eventually I'm hoping to start an etsy store. Of course, that takes time, and I've got events coming up soon where I'm hoping to sell these in person, so we'll see when that actually happens.

There you have it. My artistic busy-ness.