Monday, September 17, 2012

Running on Empty

Hey, remember me? The one who is supposed to be keeping up this blog but seems to have gone into hiding the last couple of weeks?

I haven't been ignoring y'all. I promise. I have realized my issue is has to do with what Anne Lamott says about writers block in Bird by Bird: "The word block suggest that you are constipated or stuck when the truth is that you're empty."

That's how I've been feeling--empty. Tired. I haven't been writing because I haven't had anything in me to write. I'm trying to take a little time off. Read. Relax. Try to fill up again.

In the mean time, there's been a bit of a blog tour going on in honor of the release of Seeking Unseen. There are mini-interviews, longer interviews, story excerpts and other features.

You can check out all the bits and pieces at the following blogs of my fellow Splashdown Books authors:

Keven Newsome: The Glowing Butterfly
Grace Bridges: Kalek the Rocker Elf
R.L. Copple: Writing experience
Travis Perry: Where Science and Magic Collide
Paul Baines: Cover Art
Caprice Hokstad: The writing process
Greg Mitchell: Longer interview, horror writing
Robynn Tolbert: Character Interview with Angel
Frank Creed: Writing fantasy
Fred Warren: Writing fantasy and horror
And finally a non-Splashdown Books blogger, Kessie Carroll: Interview about Seeking Unseen (Check out her artwork while you're there!)

PS--if you didn't notice the big Goodreads thing over there in the upper right, check it out. I'm doing a giveaway of two print copies of Seeking Unseen. Just click to enter! And please tell anyone and everyone :).


Kessie said...

No wonder you're talked out, look at all those interviews! You've used up all your words!

Just rest up and take an internet vacation when you can. It'll help your mind a lot.

Kat Heckenbach said...

Yep--that's exactly what I'm doing. Haven't been online much, and will be even less for a while as I let my brain rest :).

Krysti said...

I know exactly how this is. I get busy-busy too, and then, when I stop for a moment, the awful realization hits that I've used up all my emotional and physical energy, and I'm running on fumes!

I hope that you find your time of rest from the rat race rejuvenating (how many r words can I string together? LOL)!

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Krysti!

Can you roll all those r's?? :)

Grace Bridges said...

I've been keeping you far too busy, and in more ways than one! Here's to relaxation... and inspiration :)

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Grace :).