Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From Cons to Camping

I was going to do a big post about the ACFW conference and the incident in which three guys were turned away from the formal gala for wearing costumes. Diane Graham has created quite the ruckus on her blog about it today, and I agree with her and many of the commenters that the reaction to costume wearing is not fair. In the sense that either costumes are allowed or they are not--and no, Victorian dresses and such do not get to count as "Sunday best" if we don't count formal Elven and cyborg clothing as well.

But truth be told, my anger over this has dissipated rather quickly. Why? The ACFW is the ACFW. It started as the American Christian Romance Writers and they changed the Romance to Fiction but I believe more and more that we spec-fic writers need to just find our own group. Or better yet, make our own group. Katherine Coble states that point rather well in a recent blog post. So, there. You have two blogs to check out if you want to talk about the unfairness of the CBA. I'm done with it for now.

Instead, I'm going to go pimp my novels at the Necronomicon next month. I'll be on six writing panels, talking about:

  • The Resurgence of Fairy Tales
  • How Has E-Pub Changed the Game?
  • You Call It Urban Fantasy. I Call it Horror.
  • Developing Rules for Magic
  • Getting Started: Strong Female Characters in F&SF
  • It's a Hive of Scum & Villainy: Writing the Evildoer

And for your enjoyment, pictures from my latest camping trip at Disney's Fort Wilderness, which started with heavy rain:

Beastie 1 and K'rysy:

Beastie 2 and K'rysy's tongue:

The House of Blues:

Eep! There's a lizard in my hair!

There really are enchanted forests....Does this not just whisper, "Enter. Fairies be here."?

Bad dog! Bad, bad dog!

Tourist shot!

Sleeeeeeepppyyyy dog....

We got the coolest golf cart they have :).

And yes, I did drive it, while sporting my new owl earrings and the shirt Space Kiwi gave me:

Erm.....yeah. There CAN be too much...

And me with my favorite lion:

Hakuna Matata!


Diane M Graham said...

I love the pics. Thankfully, screening is pretty inexpensive to replace, =)

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Di. And yes, screen is easy to replace. We are grateful that our sweet poochie chose the screen to tear up rather than eating shoes or something :). Other than the screen, she was an ANGEL the whole trip!

But the leak damage we found is going to be harder to fix :P.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat!
Great pic of you and the lion! Sounds like you have refilled the tank. Welcome back. Rick

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Rick! Yes, I got some rest. Of course, now the real world of work and homeschooling is back :). Hopefully it will slow down again and I can write soon!

Jeff Chapman said...

The topics for those writing panels sound fascinating. Good luck.

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Jeff. I'm really anxious to participate and see how the discussions go :).

Anonymous said...

There really are enchanted forests....Does this not just whisper, "Enter. Fairies be here."?

If you see ground-hugging leaves and flowers of bright blue, Don't Step In It...

Kat Heckenbach said...

Oh, yes, I'm a native Floridian. I know full-well what's living under those leaves!

But still...

Heather Dewey Pettet said...

Hi, Kat. Heather Dewey Pettet here. Remember me? I've been thinking about finding you online, especially after I found out you were speaking at Necronomicon! When are the forums you are participating in? Only I probably would only be able to go one day. Which day might you suggest?

BTW, you can find me on Wordpress, I've started two blogs, one about the disability community in Pinellas County and beyond, and am working on changing my first one to promote my freelance writing and editing. I have the same gmail account!

Also, we went to Fort Wilderness the same weekend as Hurricane Debby! That was interesting...

Kat Heckenbach said...

Hey, Heather! Yes, I remember you! I was thinking about you yesterday when I did the Susan G Komen walk! I look for you every year, but the crowds are so crazy :).

As for the Necro, I'll email you. I need to look at the schedule and see what writing panels are on what days. I'd love to see you again!