Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Thoughts for Stormy Monday

Or maybe this can be Stormy Thoughts for a Random Monday?

I live near Tampa, and right now Isaac is sitting out in the Gulf of Mexico kicking up the wind around my house, but no longer a threat really. Not that I'm one of those people who panics over hurricanes and tropical storms anyway. I actually love the feel of hurricane weather. For those of you who have never been in a hurricane, yes, you can feel it in the air. At least I can. And it is so relaxing. The kind of thing that soothes me and makes me want to just chill in front of movies all day while the wind blows and the rain drips....

Of course, I probably won't get to do that today.

And that's not what the post is about anyway.

I'm feeling rather random today. Haven't posted in a while. Too much to do. We're working in our yard A LOT. Right now I am sore from head to toe after spending all Saturday morning planting border grass around a big flower bed in my side yard. Beastie 2 helped, too, but she's not sore because, well, she's not 42 and she's a lot shorter than me and doesn't have to bend and kneel as far as I do to reach the ground :P.

The night before the yard work, I stayed up chatting online with my publisher, the Irish Kiwi extraordaire, as she uploaded Seeking Unseen to the printer! Which means, we ought to be right on track for our release. It is a scary moment. It is so final. And I am always panicked that we missed something major. That there will be bizarre random typos. Or some huge factual error. That I called a character by the wrong name somewhere. The possibilities are endless!

And lo and behold, after it was sent, I DID find one error. But I'm not going to sweat it. It doesn't affect the story one bit, and if anything I may use it as a contest or something...a challenge for my readers to find it :).

Random side bit: Check out the article about the release of Seeking Unseen in a local paper over here. CLICK and "turn" to page 6-7.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is the Creative Writing class I'm teaching to a group of homeschool teens at our local Homeschool Resource Center. This is a first for me. I've spoken multiple times at writers groups and a couple of book clubs, and once at the library. But those were either "this is me and my book" talks or single lectures on a specific topic. The CW class is an hour a week for eight weeks. I'm finding that my initial nervousness is quickly waning, and excitement is totally taking its place. I think that when the class is over, despite being happy to have some free time returned, I'll really miss teaching! My students are AWESOME.

Another interview to check out when you have time. Keven Newsome asked me some rather unique questions for his new "5 for Friday" interview feature: CLICK.

Some final randomness:

I watched Pan's Labyrinth for the first time last night. That movie has some of the freakiest imagery I have ever seen. Great story, though! Loved it, but eesh.

On September 1st, BBC America is running a Doctor Who marathon. From midnight to 7am, there will be all kinds of specials, and then from 7am on they are showing ALL the episodes, in order, from Season 6. At 9pm, the first episode of Season 7 airs. I am so excited I could freaking BUST. And yes, I have warned the family that I am NOT LEAVING THE COUCH for the entire day that day.

End of Randomness. Happy Monday, folks! :)


Kessie said...

I like randomocity posts. Alas, I have to get the season pass on itunes for Doctor Who because we don't have cable.

Sounds like your writing class is going great! Eight kids is just the right amount. That was my favorite number when I was doing art class. Twenty, eh, you're too outnumbered.

Kat Heckenbach said...

I normally couldn't care less about cable. Until Doctor Who season. Then I love it :).

Yes, eight is a perfect number! Ten would have been about my limit, and six or less would have felt a bit too small. It's been great. The kids are great, and I've had so much fun!

Rick Christensen said...

Great encouragement for us about not being perfect and using what you found in your book in a fun and positive way!

Robynn Tolbert said...

I watched Pan's Labyrinth once, and while I was fascinated with the imagery involving the girl, I was horrified by the brutality and casual interaction with evil in ways I've never experienced with any movie, ever.

The scene with the bad guy and the young man not only had me flipping backward over the couch in shock, it inspired the scene with Nammalathe and Xabek in Elementals.

Not sure I could ever watch it again, or that I would want to. After seeing it, though, I better understand the differences between Hellboy and Hellboy II. They took the reins off del Toro for the second film. Makes me wonder what a third Hellboy would be like, should he actually make it.

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Rick!

Robynn, I found it really disturbing, too. The strange creatures--the one with the feast--was one of the freakiest I've seen, but what really bothered me as well was the cruelty and violence around the Captain. That had me cringing, peeking at the screen through my fingers. Not sure I'll be watching that one again either, but very glad I did see it. It was brilliantly done.

I haven't seen Hellboy...

Robynn Tolbert said...

Same director. All in English. Ron Perlman as Big Red aka Hellboy (awesome). David Hyde Pierce (uncredited) as voice of Abe Sapien in first movie.

Totally love both movies. Watch them all the time. del Toro does amazing things, but his mythical roots show more in Hellboy II.

Kat Heckenbach said...

Then I suppose I need to check them out! Thanks :).