Monday, October 18, 2010

Looking Forward

It's Monday morning. Start of a new day, start of a whole new week.

Maybe start of a new attitude?

Yes, I was getting into the doldrums, as apparent by my last post. It's a hazard of writing, I believe. This is a very competitive business. It takes time and dedication. A bit of crazy doesn't hurt either ;).

I decided to write today about some things I'm looking forward to:

1) My box of Chicken Soup books should be arriving any day. I've ordered a case of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic that contains my story "Lights of Hope." Some of my wonderful friends and fellow homeschoolers want to buy copies and have me sign them. Cool, eh?

1 1/2) Ok, this is one-and-a-half because it's part of number one. I'm looking forward to seeing the copy of the local paper where I made the front page! It's not like the big "Tampa Tribune"--it's a smaller one, but it's produced by the Tribune and is distributed all over my area in several different versions. The one I got had the story inside, but several people I know who live in neighboring towns have told me I was on the cover of theirs. I'm waiting to be handed a copy by one of them soon. If you want to read the story, it's online HERE.

2) My daughter's birthday. She turns eight years old this week. We already had her party--a girlie tea party. She had a blast.

3) A few girls from my homeschool group coming over to talk writing. We're not having a formal class, but are doing a sort of mini-workshop where I help them along and teach them about characterization and plot and such. We've all had such fun so far!

4) The NECRONOMICON. This is a sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention I attended last year. It was so much fun I'm going again. They've got writing panels and cool artwork and stuff to buy. Games and a "Necronomi-prom" dance. What a hoot.

4 1/2) I had entered a design of mine in hopes of it being the official Necronomicon t-shirt, but it didn't make it. So, I decided to make a t-shirt just for me with the design and wear it there. You can see the shirt HERE. Even buy one for yourself, if you'd like! While you're checking it out, check out the other stuff you can buy with my artwork on it.

5) Getting my muse back. I think once this week of busyness is past, I can get my focus back on writing. I'm sure the Necro will fill my head with ideas (you see some seriously crazy stuff there!). And just knowing I'll have some uninterrupted time next week should be of help.

So, there you go. A new day, a new week, a new list. What more can you ask for? :D


Anonymous said...

You are so right about the writing biz. It is a difficult path to take, but if you have a soul of a writer you just can't stop.
LOVE your t-shirt. Where is the conference held?

Anonymous said...

You are busy. and YES, that's cool to get those books and sign them. Totally cool!!!

Write on, girl.

Happy birthday to your daughter!!

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Ciara and Lynn.

The Necro is held each year in St. Pete, Florida. You can check out the info at

And it turns out my design ended up on the cover of the program! No one told me--I discovered it when I hopped on their site to check out the schedule of events.

Carol Linsky said...

Spending Anna's birthday with all of you was terrific! I'm so glad she loved her necklace engraved with the picture she drew of Rocky.

It's fabulous that your picture was chosen to be on the front of the program!!! You didn't tell me about that, so I was really surprised when I read it on your blog. (You need to brag !!!) I think that's even better than it being on the t-shirt. Everyone will have a copy of the program but not everyone will buy a t-shirt. When they see how great your picture looks on the t-shirt you had made, they'll wish they'd chosen yours:) Hope you're having fun at the conference.

Love you lots -


Lum said...

WhooHoo!! :D Lots of great accomplishments!!! You sound almost too busy to write. Hope you get back your muse when you're ready--and congrats on the publications. :-)