Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Blogging?

I follow quite a few blogs and have noticed that each person has a different focus. As far as writers go, some blog about writing craft, others primarily review books, and others talk about their experiences with writing and publishing. One in particular tends to grab onto controversial topics related to Christian fiction. Another posts mostly fun stuff, like videos and "guess the movie quotes." (Yes, Lynn, I'm talking about you!)

The point is, we each have a different reason for blogging. I've realized lately, I still haven't honed in on mine.

When I first started, I had hopes of being published rather quickly. (Ok, get the laughing out of your system so we can move on....) My main intent was to have a place to announce things about my writing, such as release dates, book signings, etc. I quickly realized just how naive that really was.

So, I moved into trying to use my blog as a way to make connections. This was before Facebook hit big, of course. I shifted to posting some of my experiences with writing and a few opinions and frustrations, but my main goal was trying to find "followers"--build a platform so I could sell my book to an agent or publisher. I was advised at one point to do give-aways to attract followers. I tried a couple, and did gain a few followers, but mostly realized there are a lot of people out there who blog-hop hoping to win free books and then forget you exist.

After that, I just started posting, well, whatever. Things that interested me, more experiences regarding writing and opinions on the process of publishing. A book review here and there, and the occasional announcement when something of mine gets published.

I have yet to figure out if this is actually interesting stuff, or I'm boring you poor folks to tears...

So, what I'm wondering is--why do you blog? Why do you follow blogs? You don't have to tell me specifically why you're following me (this is SO not an attempt to fish for compliments!) but I'd like to know what makes you return to a blog you follow. What makes you think a blog post was worth the time it took to read?


Lum said...

I'm with you. I'm trying to find a focus, trying to do this as a way to network and have a presence online.

I don't always know what to focus on. I think mentioning writing things is important, but there's also a need to share personal information or I'll just end up boring everyone, I suspect....

Who do I follow? Well, if I'm signed in, and a blog grabs my attention, and the buttons work for me today, I follow it. :) (Not terribly scientific, lol!) Also I try to follow people who follow me.

I used to blog more than I do, but back then, I liked the anonymity, and I didn't have a lot of followers. I just liked having a place to spill my thoughts anonymously.

Diane M Graham said...

I blog about me. As you know, that can vary from my kids, my theology, my political views and my writing.In today's writing market, I think people want more than just the book. They want to know who wrote it. They want to connect to the author as much as their favorite character or it can be the other way around. They want a little real with their fantasy...or maybe that's just me. :P