Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Earthbow Series by Sherry Thompson

I'm going to be flat-out honest in this post. I "met" Sherry Thompson online through a writers group. She seemed like a sweet person and had a book out called Seabird, and at the time was working on getting the next book in the series out. I had just joined the group and noticed a lot of the authors were published by small presses, including Sherry. With very little experience with small presses, I really didn't know what to think. I mean, my hopes were still hung on getting an agent and landing a large publisher for my book, and I saw small presses as sort of a last resort.

My view of small presses has changed, though--quite drastically, I might add, as I've now actually READ some books by small presses. So, a few months ago I decided to give Seabird a shot. And--since I am being honest here--the $2.99 Kindle price offered even more incentive.

Let. Me. Tell. You. What.

I loved the book. A lot. Really, really. I of course went on and read the next book, Earthbow Volume 1.

Put simply, Sherry Thompson can write. She has created a vivid world in these novels, with unique species of animals (like talking seabirds, of course) and races of people. Her characterization is strong, and her plotting solid. You know you've got a good book in your hand when you feel irritated by things--life--tapping you on the shoulder and telling you to put the book down.

I won't go into a plot summary. The general idea, though, is teen ends up in another world and plays a role in a prophecy. Big nasty bad guys. Cool magic. Twists and turns and danger...but thankfully none of those contrived and confusing battle scenes often found in fantasy. Sherry knows what to include in an action scene so you are kept intrigued and are actually able to follow it.

Seabird and Earthbow are classic fantasy tales done in a unique way, with new scenery and original characters and creatures. The stuff of good writing and an excellent read.

Seabird and Earthbow Vol. 1 are available through Amazon.

You can also find Earthbow Vol. 1 at Barnes and Noble in Nook format.


SherryT said...

Thanks, Kat. You're very kind.

I hope that you like Earthbow Volume 2.
Xander the Outworlder from Earth finally comes into his own in the second half of the story. Meanwhile, the other main characters from Vol.1 see a lot of action as well. Naturally, Khiva the stoah has a few choice words to say about it all.

Kat Heckenbach said...

I'm looking very forward to it! I like Khiva--she's a trip :).

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for this post.

dmarks said...

Does the book have a good map?

Kat Heckenbach said...

Um....I have the books in ebook format, although I have looked at a print copy of Seabird and it has a couple maps. I'm not one who really bothers with maps in books, so I really couldn't tell you if they're "good" or not.

SherryT said...

Hi, dmarks!

Seabird has two maps. One is for the country of Tethra where most of the story takes place. The second map is a tiny detail of Tethra blown up so that readers can make out important details.

Alas, Earthbow Volume 1 went to press without a map, and I'm fairly sure that the same is going to happen with Earthbow Volume 2. Both of these books are being printed in a slightly smaller format so, I suspect, even if the map were inserted it would be impossible to read.

At some point, I may be able to post Earthbow's map of the country of Latimus on my blog or website. No guarantees, but something I would like to do.

Sherry Thompson