Saturday, March 20, 2010

Creative Writer Award...

So, am I a liar?

Here are the rules of the blog award:

1) Thank the person who tagged me. THANK YOU LYNN RUSH

2) Copy and Paste the award on my blog. √

3) Link to the person who nominated me. √

4) Tell up to 6 lies and 1 truth about myself. √

5) Tag at least 7 people for this award. √

6) Post links to their blogs. √

7) Comment on each of their blogs to inform them of the nomination. √

Here are the lies (and one truth):

I was born in Florida.

I hate chocolate.

I'm allergic to dogs.

My favorite color is pink.

I once won a jalepeno-eating contest.

I've competed in three marathons.

I've never been to a concert.

So...which one do you think is true??

Ok, I tag:

Shawna Williams (Yay, No Other coming out May 1st!)

Amy Deardon

Lexi Williams



Jacob Parker (and his boss cool book cover!)

Nathan Petrie


Hannah Nicole said...

Thanks much! :-)

Christian Miles said...

One truth? Hmm... Do you have a taste for jalepenos? :-)

Nah, I'll guess that you're allergic to dogs.

Amy Deardon said...

Hi Kat,

Thanks for tagging me! I'll put this up on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I'm going to guess that you've competed in 3 marathons. I'm impressed :-)

Shawna K. Williams said...

Okay, what do I need to do? My brain is a little mushy.

Anonymous said...

I'll say the truth is I hate Chocolate. :-)

Kat Heckenbach said...

OK, apparently Blogger is being fussy this morning and won't let me publish Lynn Rush's comment. She guessed that the truth is "I hate chocolate."

Anyone else to venture a guess????

KM Wilsher said...

I'm going with the chocolate mmmm. I took a long time to guess. This is hard. Great fun!

Unknown said...

Well, I didn't read your blog until you had already posted the answer, but I still knew it. And not just because I knew about the jalapeno-eating contest, but because I actually knew the rest were lies. Hah! We may not have hung out much in recent years, but history has its advantages!