Monday, March 15, 2010


First, I forgot to add to my last post that there are GOBS of free books available through Kindle. Many out of print books, classics, and some new releases. Authors are using this to get the word spread about their new books, so you need to check back often and if you see one you like grab it before the deal ends. It costs nothing, right? And maybe you'll discover an author you would have never thought of reading before.

For a list of some of the freebies right now, visit Shawna Williams's blog, My Father's Oldsmobile. More books can of course be found on

Speaking of Shawna Williams... (notice how smoothly I stuck that in there), keep your eyes open on May 1st for the release of her first novel, No Other. It will be published by Desert Breeze Publishing, in several ebook formats including Kindle. Check out the cover art:

Now, you ALL know I am NOT a romance reader. But I LOVED this book! (Yes, I got to be a beta reader!) This is not your typical romance. Not trashy, not corny, not sappy. Shawna has a unique voice that shines through the entire book. Her characterization skills rock. More on all that when the book releases, but I had to mention it now because I'm so excited. I mean, um, because we were talking about ebooks. Ahem.

And last, but by no means least, visit Bryan Davis's blog for info on the Starlighter Contest. Way cool prizes!!

(I want the sword! I want the sword!)


owo xD said...

I'm not exactly a romance reader, but the way you descibed Shawna's book made it sound appealing. lol

Oooh, I want the sword, too! :D

KM Wilsher said...

I want the sword too LOL. . .Can we share?

Shawna Williams! Oh yeah, can't wait for May 1st. . .Read a few words of No Other - you did a great job of describing it! I loooove the characters and the fresh setting!

Go Shawna