Friday, January 15, 2010

Grim Circumstances

Not in my life right now, fortunately. But maybe for the character in my latest short story, "A Day Better Spent." Check it out in The Absent Willow Review!

Don't forget to tell me what you think :). It may be your only chance....



owo xD said...

That was great, Kat! You're a really good writer. Man... that was thought-provoking. Sad ending, though.

Kat Heckenbach said... Maybe, maybe not. There are really a couple of ways to interpret it :). My original intent was for the ending to be a cruel irony, but a friend of mine pointed out that the wife could have called 911 this maybe I was wrong, in a good way :).

KM Wilsher said...


Hey, I just read A Day Better Spent! Wha hoo. . . nice! You are rockin sister!
Sad, yeah. But in this bubble called time, his death date couldn't change. . .so happy that he got to change his ending day!
OOOOO. . . Spoilers!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Oh my. What a great piece. Sad ending though. I feared that would be the ending. . . but I'm glad they got to live the day over. What a great story!

Peter Stone said...

I thought the story was excellent, great twists. The heart attack turns into another chance. The guys fixes his mess and it looks like all is roses, but his time is up anyway - I didn't see that coming. But his wife is pregnant now, if I read it rightly. And she'll also have fond memories of his passing, not bitterness like in the initial one.

Unknown said...

Nice! Congrats on the publication. :)

Chas. Funderburg said...

Per usual, Kat, you did a story well. Well written, and good ending. Caught me by surprise, because I'd forgotten he said that John would only relive the day.

Your usual panache applies, Ms. Kat. You are a good writer of things "otherworldly"


Chas. Funderburg said...

Per usual, Kat, you do a very good job of writing about matters that go beyond the trappings of our mortal world.

Must admit, the ending caught me by surprise: I'd forgotten that the Grim Reaper told John he could only relive the day.

Keep up the good work, sister of the supernatural!