Saturday, November 14, 2009

"The Gift" in Digital Dragon

My latest story is out!

"The Gift" can be found online in Digital Dragon magazine.

Like "The Artist" which is currently running in Mindflights,
"The Gift" is based on my novel, Finding Angel.

I am so excited to have these two stories running concurrently. If my book can't be published (yet!) then at least my concept and characters are finding homes.

Check them both out and don't be shy letting me know what you think!


Hannah Nicole said...

I really loved reading The Gift, Kat, it was definitely gripping and the emotions could be felt--I could connect with Ben and Margaret. It was well written and I loved it! :)

PLEASE keep writing! ;)


Hannah Nicole said...

I also went to read The Artist, and that's GREAT! I love it as well--especially the ending. :)


Hannah Nicole said...

Before I go, just want to say thank you for following my blog! :)


owo xD said...

Wow, I really, REALLY liked those! They were both so good! You've got some serious talent. Do you have any books out? I'm contemplating sending in some of my short stories. There are a few that I really like... Hmm. I'll need to find a place for 'em.
Keep up the awesome work! I want to read more! =)

Kat Heckenbach said...

Hannah and Chris, thanks so much. Unfortunately :(, I don't have any books out. I'M TRYING--really hard. Sending to lots of agents and publishers. And the SECOND I have news in that area, I'll post. Actually--you'll probaby hear the happy screaming first :).

Go for it, Chris! The worst that can happen is the magazine says "no." And several may say no--but it only takes ONE yes! One of my stories got rejected a few times, then it got accepted and won Editor's Choice--it's all very subjective.

Thanks for commenting!

KM Wilsher said...

Way to go, Kat! :) I am so happy. . .hear my joyous yelp?

Brandon Barr said...

Another short story based of your novel characters--that's great news. I really got to try that.
Congrats Kat!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! Congrats, Kat. Great work!