Tuesday, August 11, 2009

home again

My family went camping again this weekend, and hooked up with some friends who have kids the same ages as our kids. Actually, this couple lives two houses away from us, and I went to high school with both of them! Yep, they're high school sweethearts.

We had a blast at Typhoon Lagoon on Monday. It was my daughter's first time at a water park. So fun! The wave pool there is vicious.

I didn't stop thinking about my writing, though. I've got a short story coming out in five days...but I'll blog about that later. Just make sure you check back on the 16th :).

A writer friend of mine sent me this awesome blog post about the agent search. Check it out here . I agree with a lot of what this woman says. The agent search can feel like a popularity contest sometimes. Ah...it makes me want to go back to my high school cafeteria analogy...

But not today. Too tired from camping. I'll probably drag it out later. Maybe I'll watch "The Breakfast Club" to get in the mood :).

And completely off-subject--a spoonful of peanut butter cures hiccups every time.

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KM Wilsher said...

LOL, peanut butter, really?

I love camping.

I'm going to check out the blog you suggested