Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Short Story, New Art, and Ebook Sale

My short story is in a magazine called Youth Imagination. "The Guitar" has been published in a couple of anthologies. Now is your chance to read it free online. 

Here's a sneaky peek, including the cool image they chose to highlight my story:

“Dude, please, you gotta take me with you this time.”

Kalek perched on a low branch of a Platinum Oak, his Elven ears poking through a massive mound of ragged curls. I cringed at the way his onyx eyes gleamed. He’d convince me, I was sure, but I wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“No way,” I said, “I’m going camping. Alone. That means without you, so forget it.”

He jumped down from the tree, lithe as a panther, and stood in front of me. “C’mon. I’ve never been off the island. Just this once.”

“Your father will be furious.”

“I know, dude, all the more reason.”

I should have known he’d say that. He’d never admitted it, not outright anyway, but that was pretty much the reason he’d befriended me. There wasn’t a person on the island his old man hated more than me. Why he’d stayed friends with me, I’ll never know. Tattooed Elven rockers and homebody farm boys generally have little in common, but somehow we’d become brothers. My camping trips were the only times I insisted he stay away.

“Uh-uh. Nope. Not a chance,” I said, shaking my head and turning to leave the clearing. As I walked across the carpet of grass and leaves, the forest trees surrounding us began to sway like sentinels.

I suddenly felt trapped by my own will to stay.


I've listed several pieces of art on my Etsy shop over the past couple of months. Some altered thrift store paintings -- most of the originals have sold, but I've got prints of everything available -- and some original acrylic paintings, also with prints available.

A sampling:

If you see anything that suits your fancy, hop over to my shop JUMPING RAILS. Everything has free shipping.

Oh, and...

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