Thursday, April 5, 2018

Relent is a Finalist in the Realm Awards!

Yeah, I know, this quick little announcement doesn't make up for my promises to post more often here, but it's what you're getting for now.

My novel Relent, which released July 2017, was announced as a finalist in the Realm Awards, supernatural category. Here's the screen shot of the email:

Eep! My name right there beneath Tosca Lee! 

You can see the full listing of all the finalists in all categories and more info about the contest on the Realm Makers site

I'm so excited and just honored to be selected a finalist! Of course, I'm hoping to go all the way because I so, so adore the award stickers:

Tell me that wouldn't be so pretty on the cover of Relent! 

OK, that's it. Thanks for indulging me!  

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