Monday, May 2, 2016

Interviews Abound

This week I'm featured on two different websites!

First, a print interview on Faith & Fantasy Alliance, in which I talk about my preparations for Realm Makers, my book collection, favorite characters, and general obsess--er, love of speculative fiction.

CLICK HERE to read the interview.

Second, a podcast interview on Lasers Dragons & Keyboards, in which we discuss my influences, favorite books, note cards, and sheep.

CLICK HERE to listen to Episodes 20&21.

And if that's not enough for you...

You can still check out my guest post at Building Stories from the Inside Out, a post I apparently forgot to mention here at the time it came out. Hm. Must be all that editing* I've been doing that's kept me from remembering things like this! Anyway, if you want a trip inside my head regarding some of the inspiration for the world-building of Toch Island...

CLICK HERE to read the post.

*BTW, that editing I mentioned...yeah, that's been crazy. Getting Toch Island 3 self-edited before sending it off to my actual editor, and editing Acolyte, book 3 in the Winter series by Keven Newsome, and critiquing manuscripts for two fellow writers, and beta-reading Mike Duran's upcoming Saint Death (the sequel to The Ghost Box), and reading Amy Brock McNew's Rebirth (which is now available for pre-order) for endorsement, and reading Lelia Rose Foreman's Circumnavigation (sequel to Shatterworld) for endorsement...I think you can see why this blog has been ignored for a few weeks. Well, I hope you can. If not...

Then maybe you will understand next time when I update you on all the other things keeping me busy--non-writing things, artsy things, craftsy things. With pictures. :)


Caprice said...

Dang, girl, you are SO busy! We should catch up some time.

Kat Heckenbach said...

I have been busy. Nice to finally have something to actually show that now :P.

And yes, we should.