Monday, January 11, 2016

A Neighbor, an Author, and a Youth Pastor Walk Into the TARDIS....

This is not what the bottle in my dream
looked like. But still, pretty cool. 
I  have about 20 minutes before I have to wake up the Beasties so they can get ready for homeschooling. Normally at this time I'm in a fog of not-enough-coffee-yet, but I was awoken a little early and quite abruptly from a very strange dream that involved several people I know (including a neighbor, a fellow author, and a youth pastor), and a bar (I know, sounds like a joke) at which I was too young to drink (hah!) and couldn't get the snooty bartender to even get me a cup of water. Someone else was being served, though--from a wine bottle decorated like the TARDIS.

I wanted that bottle--empty was fine--because it was so freaking cool. I grabbed it just to show the author friend, and was nearly carted off in handcuffs. Later, I went searching for the bottle, in the place where the bar had been, which was now the house I grew up in. (Why do dreams do that?) I found--in a cabinet in the garage--not the bottle, but a jar of Doctor Who gummy candy, which I put in a bag, with intention of leaving money for it on the shelf.

Then I heard a noise, and walked outside the garage (the door was suddenly up) and some young man was coming toward me. I played innocent, but he said he knew what I was looking for. He told me there was another bottle of the wine, and he'd let me have it...for $7000 a month.

I laughed.

Then I woke up.

And now, after over a month of silence on this blog, I am writing out that dream just so you have something to read on this lovely Monday morning.

Now, you can skip across the galaxy to the FAITH AND FANTASY ALLIANCE blog to read about some of the behind-the-scenes workers -- including me! -- of the 2016 REALM MAKERS CONFERENCE where my job will be timey-wimey. 


Rick said...

Classic! Cheers!

Unknown said...

Even your dreams are cool and science-fiction-y, Kat!

Dan Trosper said...

Boy your dream bottle would have to go some to be cooler than your Tardis picture bottle.