Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Lieu of a Real Blog Post....

And yes, I'm still slacking on this blog. The last post I put up here was wimpy, I know. And today's won't be much better.

Fact is, I've been busy. Schooling the Beasties, who are getting older and more complicated. (Yes, I said that right--their schoolwork is getting more intensive, but the Beasties are the ones getting more complicated :P.)

And last week we took five days to camp at Disney's Ft. Wilderness. You can see the pictures HERE if you'd like.

Then, after getting back from camping, I decided I needed some time to draw. This first one is a sketch of a photo I found on Pinterest. For some reason, I just really, really love this.

And this one....well, if you can't tell "who" he is... :P


Since I still have no content of substance to post here, I give you THIS, a blog post by Maggie Stievater. Neither familiarity with Ms. Stiefvater nor the song to which she is referring in this post is necessary. But not having food or drink in your mouth when reading it (and some tolerance for a few mildly crude references) is necessary. Enjoy.


Gretchen E.K. Engel said...

Can I just say I'm not sure I needed Maggie's refresher course on Aphrodite's origins when I have the next Percy Jackson book on hold at the library. EWW!

Your sketches are amazing and I LOVE the one of my favorite Doctor.

Kat Heckenbach said...

LOL--sorry, Gretchen! Hopefully you can clear your head of it before you start reading :).

And thank you!