Saturday, November 9, 2013

Where I Am, Since I Have Barely Been Here

Short post today just to share that my first contribution to the newly re-launched A Flame in the Dark blog by Diminished Media Group went live today.

In "Making it Personal" I analyze the differences between the novel and movie for The Woman in Black. I found some serious differences that in my opinion made the story in the movie far stronger--and more terrifying.

Would love if you'd stop by and check out my article, and the others that are up there. I'm looking forward to contributing more to the site in the future!


Anyway, I've not been blogging much lately--yes, I'm fully aware--but hope to get my head back into it soon. The Beasties are getting older, which means their schoolwork is getting more intensive. I've been really completely swamped with schooling them lately. Not to mention my house has basically been a construction zone for months. We are in the final stretch of laying down tile floor through about 1/3 of our house. It has been a lot of work and inconvenience, but the result is worth it!


Also, don't forget about the Goodreads giveaway for Finding Angel. Only a couple more days to enter for one of two print copies (signed, of course). CLICK HERE.

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