Sunday, June 30, 2013

What's Coming Next for My Writing

I have to admit it: I've not been writing much lately. It's frustrating me. But it's not writer's block. It's that paralysis I feel when there are too many choices.

When I first started writing, my goal was to write a book. As in singular. I didn't know if I'd ever write another one, or anything else for that matter. But I wanted with every ounce of my soul to write a book. I focused entirely on that novel until the first draft was done. Then, as I realized that while I needed to edit it, I also needed to figure out how to get it published. During my research, I discovered that writing short stories and having them published in literary magazines would help me get my novel published.

Well, then. There I went! I dove off that cliff and pounded out a slew of them. (You can look at the tabs above to find links to many of those stories online, btw. And links to purchase anthologies that contain others.)

But then Finding Angel was published. And Seeking Unseen. And now I find myself in a weird situation. That paralysis I mentioned because now it's not just about getting published, it's about reaching readers. Marketing. And these days, that can include self-published works.

I've self-published two novelettes already. Protection's Prison, which is a companion story to Finding Angel. And Ordinary Folk, which is a stand-alone werewolf story of unique focus (see this review). I have two more in the works (again, one a companion to Toch Island, and one an unrelated stand-alone).

But I also need to work on Book 3 of the Toch Island Chronicles. And I need to finish editing a whole other book I've written the first draft for. (Info on that one here.)

Anyway, today I took a look at what I have for Book 3 of Toch Island. It ain't much. A prologue and a couple of pages of chapter one. But that look did me a world of good. It made me realize that I really, truly do need to get these other projects done. I want to be able to completely submerge myself in writing Book 3. I don't want distractions. I know where it needs to go, and it's going to require 100% focus to get it right.

I owe the book, and myself and my readers, my full attention and I can't give it that until I'm done with these other things.

Fortunately, I'm really close. The stand-alone novella is more than half-way written. The non-Toch book is being critiqued right now and I'll be able to dive into edits soon. And, truthfully, the one Toch companion story may need to wait until Book 3 is done.

So there you have it. My plan for what's coming next in my writing.

Not that you asked :P.

Oh, and while you wait on me to get through this pile of writing projects...HERE is something to go read. Big thanks to Lisa M. Collins for interviewing me on her blog!


Kessie said...

Camp Nano starts July 1st! The perfect excuse to write a bunch. :-)

Kat Heckenbach said...

Guess so :).

Lyn said...

I've been dabbling in a bunch of stories lately and need to focus on one project, finish it, either submit it or self-publish it, and then move on to the next! Why is that so difficult? lol

Kat Heckenbach said...

Lyn, this did not used to be an issue for me. I would work on what I was inspired to work on, and plowed through things really fast. Now, though... :P