Saturday, October 6, 2012

All That Misc. Stuff

Another post of links and such.

First, I was interviewed on Lisa Godfrees' blog. We get a little theological as she asks me about how my faith bleeds into my writing.

Second, Keven Newsome kidnapped one of my posts about writing and publishing your second book. The Terror of the Second Tower Ride is my whacked-out Disney analogy.

Third, the first digest of Avenir Eclectia is out in print! (ebook coming soon)

If you don't know what Avenir Eclectia is, click here to check it out. It's an online magazine with microfiction stories by a multitude of authors (including ME). All the stories take place in the same sci-fi story world. There is some great stuff in here, trust me. And it's only $5.98!!

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