Monday, October 10, 2011

The Gathering

Ah, yes, the blog title is a bit of a tribute to Highlander (the first movie, of course). Watched it (for the umpteenth time) the other day, and despite the wretched acting it's still one of my favorite movies of all times. So, there. I'm calling this post The Gathering. But it has nothing to do with Highlander, or immortals in general.

What is it then? A gathering of links for places you will find me this week.

1) A newspaper interview that came out in a paper called "Focus" here in my hometown. A writer and very sweet lady named Cheryl Turner contacted me a couple of months ago and asked to interview me for a feature in Focus. We met for breakfast and had a great time talking for two hours. The end result of that conversation is HERE. This shows up as virtual magazine, which means you must click to "turn" the pages. My feature is on page 7. I was most surprised to have merited a full page!

2) A review of Finding Angel by Heather Titus on Magical Ink. I woke up to find this posted and have not been able to stop smiling since. (Well, except when the kids acted up today. Full moon coming....) My favorite part of the review is this statement:
I can't talk enough about this book. It's another Splashdown Books release, and probably my favorite to date that they've put out (as well as gaining a spot on my all-time favorite fantasy books list).
Go check out the rest of the review. Feel free to leave a comment and follow her blog, too! And make sure you it out next week when she post an interview of me.

3) An interview on "A Pen for Your Thoughts." Novelist Shirley Kiger Connolly was gracious enough to invite me to her blog and ask me about my writing.

4) And if you missed it last week (since I only posted on my Finding Angel blog), my "Journey to Publication" was posted at Spire Reviews.

Unlike in Highlander, there doesn't have to be only one....

(Sorry. Feel free to groan and roll your eyes at that.)

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