Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reality is Sinking In

My life has completely turned upside-down. If you haven't been keeping up, my book, Finding Angel, is finally getting published. What that means is I am now in a flurry of editing. But editing isn't all there is to getting a book ready for publication.

Also on my list:

  • Cover art--both front and back.
  • Back cover text--that "blurb" that tells you just enough to make you want to read the book.
  • Interior pages, like the acknowledgments page and such.
  • Author photo and bio.
  • Artwork for chapter headings and scene breaks.

Those are all things I'm working on in conjunction with my publisher, but she has even more on her list than I do. Poor Grace...

Other things flying around my head right now involve what to do about my blog and website. I have this blog, obviously, which really needs a better domain name. And I've also got which will eventually house all things related to Finding Angel and the subsequent books in the series. I have plans for it...down the road...that I pray I can actually keep up with :P.

They say the real work begins once your book is published. In some ways I'm seeing how true that is. As the emails show up in my inbox with requests for interviews and guest blog posts, and it sinks in that I have to somehow get word out about my book beyond posting here and on Facebook, my mind reels. So much to do.

It will get done, though. I did not come this far to do things less than 100%.


Robynn Tolbert said...

Take notes. I'll need them when my turn comes. :)

Terry said...

Must be incredibly exciting! (in all its chaos that is)