Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yes, it's Writing.

Another day of randomness here. This time, my list of things that aren't writing, but count:

1--Editing a friend's short story.

2--Critiquing a friend's manuscript.


4--Brainstorming back cover blurbs for anthologies.

5--Answering questions about viruses for a friend who is doing real writing.

6--Blogging lists of randomness.

7--Planning out blog posts of actual purpose.

8--Discussing writing in the comments on someone else's blog.

9--Outlining a speech I'll be giving on online marketing.

10--Freaking out about number nine.

11--Approving the galleys of my stories that are coming out in anthologies soon.

12--Dusting my desk so my computer doesn't overheat.

13--Daydreaming. Yep, I'm counting it.

See, I've just been too busy "writing" to write.


Ginny Jaques said...

Totally relate to this list. It's encouraging to see my days aren't so different from "real" writers.

Kat Heckenbach said...

She called me a "real" writer! *smiles*

Thanks, Ginny.

Honestly, I think so many times we read about the writing process in books and blogs that say you have to write, write, write, every day or you're not a "real" writer. But I know so many writers who take breaks for days, weeks, months at a time. I feel guilty when I do that, but when I look at my life closely I realize I'm not just skipping out--I really am doing things related to writing.

Glad you found this an encouragement!