Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Two Things

Not a lot to report today--just two quick things.

I blogged on New Authors' Fellowship yesterday. Apparently, my most attention-getting post yet. The comments piled up quickly, and a couple of people mentioned they'd be linking to the post on other blogs. Wow. I'm not even sure what to say to that! I was only expressing my views on the way Christian writers seem to choose camps and war over what kind of Christian writing is the "right" kind. If you'd like to read it, here's the link: http://newauthors.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/put-down-your-sword-and-write/

A fellow writer, Jeff Chapman, emailed me to let me know the Table of Contents for the There Was a Crooked House anthology had been posted on the Pill Hill Press Forum. Looks like my story, "Cat Call," made first position, followed immediately by Jeff's story, "The Crooked House of Coins." I'm not sure if that "means" anything, or the order was random or whatever, but it's still rather cool. Looks like the release date will hopefully be sometime in July. Here's the full list of stories and authors:

Cat Call by Kat Heckenbach

The Crooked House of Coins by Jeff Chapman

Glass House by Heidi Mannan

Don’t Let the Rain Come Down by Gerald Costlow

With Breath Too Sweet LaShawn M. Wanak

Unexpected Guests in My Basement by Charles Day

Aliens, Angels, and Arsenic by M. Kaye Moon

The Other Side of Silence by Fiona Glass

Wrong Side Down by Rob Rosen

Her by Walter Campbell

Little Girl Blue by Kevin McClintock

Crooked Time by Samuel Gibb

Summer Schwartz and the Crazy House by David Perlmutter

Remembered Sins by H.J. Hill

Olverston Grange by M. Leon Smith

That’s What Little Boys Are Made Of by Emma Ennis

Every Choice by Mary-Jean Harris

The Mobile Home by Gregory L. Norris

22 Beckett St. by Deb Eskie

I Am But Its Instrument by George Wilhite

Nightmares Every Night by Gary Buettner

Metamorphosis by Eva Glynn Stephens

The Nanny by Susan York Meyers

Eviction Notice by John H. Dromey

Can’t Stop Growing Old by Patrick Shand

The Wyandotte Haunting by K.A. Laity

The Girl in the Crooked House by Katherine Simmons

Clown Fish by Richard Jay Goldstein


Carol Linsky said...

Fantastic!!! Can't wait to read your story and am so proud of you:)

Love you,


SherryT said...

A belated congratulations, Kat! Please tell us when the antho comes out.
Re the position of your story, I think I've heard that first and last position are the best ones.

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Sherry. I remember from speech class in college that first and last are what people remember. We'll see :).