Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Recap

If you haven't read the discussion going on at NEW AUTHORS' FELLOWSHIP, head over there now and read my post "Put Down Your Sword...and Write." Then hit Tymothy Longoria's "Writing by Faith: My Writing Testimony." And then, my follow-up, "Christian Fishbowl." Finally(?), this morning Robynn Tolbert posted her thoughts with "The Art of Witness, or A Huge Can of Worms."

I never thought that one post would lead to so much discussion. At least we NAFers seem to all be on the same page. And the comments, as Robynn points out, have all been civil.

Now, a recap of my weekend:

Roller skating for the first time in six years. (With my daughter at her friend's birthday party.) I fell only once, and it was because my own daughter cut in front of me.

Sitting through church feeling like I was stuck on an airplane next to "one of those" people--you know, the kind that thinks half of your seat belongs to them. The kind that wears so much cologne you are gagging. The kind that talks and talks LOUDLY to the person they're with...sigh. I'm lucky I heard a word of the sermon.

Swimsuit shopping. Why do I bother? Why not just poke myself in the eye with a screwdriver? It would be less painful :P.

Dog-sitting for a friend. She's an awesome pooch, but she wants more than anything on the planet to eat my cat. So kitty is locked in one end of the house. At least the guest dog is doing well with our dogs. They are all having fun eating each other's food and sleeping on each other's dog beds--and thinking they are being so sneaky for doing so.

Watching TRON. Mmmm, okay. Was anyone else freaked out by the CG effects used to make Jeff Bridges look younger? Creepy.

Reading. Finished a book called The Maze Runner. It was....meh. So now I'm on to Nor Iron Bars a Cage, by Caprice Hokstad.

There, do with that what you will.


Diane M Graham said...

It was a great topic and you covered it very well...twice, then Tymothy and now Robynn. You'd think we might get tired of it but each of you gave your own unique twist that has kept it fresh.

You fail to say how sore you are after skating, Chicky. Are you not sore? :P

*nods* Loud people.

They have these suits that cover your entire body. They call them clothes. :D

Dogs do think kitties taste like chicken.

TRON stunk. I didn't like it and GB character seemed to be smoking cyber-weed. My two cents.

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thank you, re: the NAF posts.

I expected to be sore, but am, in fact, not at all.

Loud people and space-hoggers :P.

Can't swim in "clothes" or I'd skip the whole darn process.

Chicken taste or no, my dogs know the kitty is the boss. Guest dog is a little thick on that point as of yet.

TRON had potential. Some of the effects were cool. Most of it was meh. Then again,I'd heard that before we rented it and wanted to see for myself. Oh, well.

Robynn Tolbert said...

I have never fallen while skating. Perhaps because I cling to the edge and push myself along the wall.

Haven' worn a swimsuit in 20 years. Don't plan to start anytime soon. Glad you haven't poked yourself in the eye.

Haven't seen Tron. Did see the CGI effects on the TVs at Sam's Club, and yes, they were creepy. They did the same thing in a Fringe episode. *shudder*

Ralene said...

Oh gosh, I don't think I've been skating since I was in high school. Years! I'd be with Robynn, clinging to the wall.

Swimsuit? Isn't there a law against that for people like me? lol... My swimsuit includes shorts and a tank top.

I agree with Diane, Tron stunk. My hubby had me all in high hopes for the movie... *yawn* Yeah, no.