Friday, May 13, 2011


So...I haven't blogged in about a week. First, it was not having anything to say. Then, we went out of town (Universal Studios for three days--the Wizarding World of Harry Potter--oh, yeah). After that it was two days of family gatherings because my grandmother passed away. That was followed by two days of Blogger being futsy.

There, those are my excuses. Rack them up with all the other excuses I've given lately for not writing. For slacking off on homeschooling. For not submitting short stories. For not marketing the stuff I have out there now. For not going to the homeschool park. For not keeping up with emails. For barely reading. For...

The truth is, I've been feeling completely burnt out lately. I've been writing for nearly four years now, and homeschooling for six. I. Am. Tired. It's as if all my creative energy burst out in the beginning and has slowed to a trickle, taking my energy with it.

No worries--I'm not giving up. Although the thought has surely crossed my mind. But I can't give up. I'm one of those people who would hate myself more if I gave up than if I spent the rest of my life fruitlessly chasing this dream. I'd spend forever wondering if things would have turned around if only I'd sent out just one more query, spent just one more day writing.

I've been making excuses, but it's only temporary. I wrote a whole new short story this week--about 1800 words long. And I've submitted two others that have been sitting here. So, slowly but surely, I'm pushing the excuses to the side.

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