Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Other Side of Me

I realized I've spent a huge amount of time on this blog talking about my writing. Well, that was, of course, the original intent for this puppy.

But I'm not JUST a writer.

You know this, I'm sure, as you've seen me slip in here and there about my artwork. But it's been sorely neglected, really, considering that was my first and only love for many, many years.

When I was a kid, you'd catch me drawing any time a pencil or pen and paper was within reach. Actually, anything I could draw on without getting in trouble was fair game. My jeans and sneakers were always covered in doodles.

Everyone expected me to "be an artist" when I grew up. I had no idea what that meant, though, and my passion ended up fizzling out after I graduated high school. Oddly, though, it came back when I start writing.

This is the first thing I drew after probably 15 years of not drawing:

My sweet, sweet old boxer, Rocky :).

The really cool thing is that my connections to other writers opened a door for my art. Grace Bridges from Splashdown Books posted a call-out for artists on a writers forum. I answered the call-out, and my drawing of a key ended up on the cover of Caprice Hokstad's "The Duke's Handmaid."

This was a double honor, because Caprice's writing is top-notch!

Sooooo.....what I've decided is to do some blogging here over the next few weeks about my artwork. Get a little more specific, and give you an insider's look at doing work for publishers.

In the meantime, check out Caprice's book. You can find it on Amazon in both print and Kindle edition (the Kindle version is only $4.99!). Also, at Barnes and Noble in print and NOOKbook. (Again, the Nookbook is only $4.99!) If you need it in a different ebook format, you can find that on Smashwords.


Caprice Hokstad said...

And Grace and I liked the key so much that we used it as an interior design motif at the chapter headings and to separate point-of-view passages. Smaller, of course, but it works very well that way. I told Grace (before she did that new suns-set) that I wouldn't mind the key as the ENTIRE front cover image, just to keep it stark and simple.

Kat Heckenbach said...

I forgot to mention the interior keys :). Thanks, Caprice--it meant SO much to me to know that you loved the drawing!

Unknown said...

Hey, you're good! I'm not really gifted in any art other than writing, but I imagine it must be fabulous to nurture one art from through the other. I'd love to be able to bring my fictional characters to life in pictures.

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, K.M.!!