Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have started maybe five times to post a blog this week. Nothing. Can't think of a decent thing to say that isn't a ramble or a rant.

So, I guess we go with ramble:

If you haven't seen the pumpkins this guy carves, check out James Roy Daley's blog where he posts pictures of Ray Villafane's pumpkin carvings. And if you go to the comments you'll see where I left a link to a video of Villfane that appeared on "Sunday Morning" on CBS.

On that holiday note, let's switch to Christmas. My story "Lights of Hope" appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic, which is out in all the major bookstores right now. Here's me posing with the book at my local Borders:

And speaking of books--I posted a review of J.R. Parker's Kestrel's Midnight Song on the Splashdown Review Blog. Check it out. J.R.'s got a lot of talent for a such a young author!

And for another book review by me, check out the Amazon page for Shawna Williams' In All Things. Mine is the first review listed at the moment. You all KNOW, if you have been following my blog for any length of time, that I love Shawna's writing. Yes, it's romance. Yes, it's even historical. But her characterization rocks.

Ahh...what else.

I have read a few other books lately, but unfortunately they really aren't even worth reviewing.

Hm, well, except for the manuscript I'm critiquing right now for Diane Graham. I Am Ocilla. Not published yet, but I have no doubt it someday will be. The title grabbed me ages ago. And when Diane and I finally connected and she said I could read it--well, yeah, I was not going to say no! Loving it so far!

(The above is a concept cover, of course.)

Last but not least, a "Notebook Nugget" that came inside my last fortune cookie. I just love this one:

"Be brave enough to live creatively."

I may have to put that one a t-shirt....


Toyin O. said...

Sounds like great books, thanks for sharing.

Jeff Chapman said...

That must be really exciting to pick up a book in the bookstore and know your story is in it. Has the publisher asked you to do anything to promote it?

Kat Heckenbach said...

Yeah, Jeff, it was pretty cool :). And no, the publisher doesn't ask for anything from the authors. I think Chicken Soup basically sells on its name alone. Which is good for me!

Diane M Graham said...

Well, aren't you the sweetest thing. Thanks, chicky. You know I feel the same about yours.

Sheryl Young said...

Finally had a chance to stop by! Haven't even been writing at my own blog. You look so cute in this photo! Great post.