Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the Family

The other day, my daughter asked me to write down the words as she composed an original song. She's seven, btw. She's also started a book of her own about fairies and a dragon.

And my son, who's ten, has decided to write his own series of books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid style. (Not for publishing, he assures me, as he would never want to "steal" an idea--just for himself, for fun.) He's composed several haiku poems as well. Pretty darn good ones if you ask me. Now that I think about it, he also wrote two books when he was very young: one about Abraham Lincoln and one about a knight named Dave the Brave.

Why am I telling you this? Besides wanting to brag on my kids a little, that is? Because I find it interesting that in my entire family I don't know of a single writer. And yet both my kids show an interest in it. And I'm wondering...

What about you? Anyone come from a family of writers? Or are you the only one?


Jeff Chapman said...

No writers in my family. Some of my extended family even think it's a waste of time. I have no idea where my desire came from.

Anonymous said...

I'm the only writer in the family that I know about. It was quite a shock to everyone that I began writing a couple years ago. LOL.

Your kids sound like they're on their way to being writers, bigtime!

Jennifer Taylor said...

To my knowledge, I'm the only one. Yet, my family does tend to be artistic. We have artists who paint, sketch and sculpt. I do graphic art design for a living--part of my marketing and communications. We also have singers and musicians. But I'm the only writer.