Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

It took a long time for the meaning of Good Friday to sink in with me. I always celebrated Easter with full understanding of its meaning, but as a kid, even growing up in a Christian home, Good Friday was basically the school holiday before Easter Sunday. A day to take advantage of beautiful weather, to play in the dirt and climb trees (yes, I was a tomboy--did you ever think otherwise?), or maybe stretch out on my reading tree in the back yard. Of course, I learned about Good Friday in Sunday School, and from my parents. But I was a kid, and my life had a pretty narrow focus.

Today, I see my own kids outside doing the same things I always did. Minus the tree-climbing, since we live in the suburbs. Today, they are drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, bombing each other with water balloons and having a grand time. Their focus is on Sunday, with egg hunts and family gatherings. Do they know *what* today is? Of course. But it's not going to stop them from being children.

These days, though, Good Friday has more meaning for me than Easter Sunday. Not that Easter isn't a miracle. I mean, the Resurrection is a BIG deal. But the miracle is less in Jesus being raised from the dead--Jesus himself raised people from the dead quite a few times in the Bible. The true miracle, for me, is that He died for us in the first place. Maybe that's why a dark side had to develop in me--so I could see that. Life because of death. Light able to glow because of darkness.

Speaking of light in the darkness...things are going well with homeschooling and life in general despite the shadow of stress I'm feeling as I wait on the responses for a multitude of short story submissions. Another flicker of light...I sold a piece of artwork this week!

And for my buddy, KM Wilsher, the light this week comes from having her first short story published. Check out "Suicidal Instinct" at The Cross and the Cosmos. I got to read this story before it was even accepted, and I knew immediately she'd find a zine to publish it! So proud of you, KM!!!


KM Wilsher said...

Ack! What a great surprise. Thanks for the shout out, Kat!

Love the Good Friday thoughts. "Life because of death. Light able to glow because of darkness."

Congrats on selling your artwork! Which piece?

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Kat Heckenbach said...

You're welcome, KM. The story deserves a little shout-out! It's a great piece!

And as for my artwork--it's a custom drawing I did for cover art for a book that's in production (not my book of course). It's not the whole cover, but it's a "key" element. Literally, a key :). Once the cover is officially released I'll post it up here.

Lynn, Happy Easter to you, too!

KM Wilsher said...

I can't wait to see it!