Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now What?

So, Christmas is over. The house is finally clean again...sigh... (We have the whole fam over on Christmas day. Chaos=dirty house.) The gifts are all put away. Well, except for my daughter's. Her stuff is pretty much spread all over! And we've all been enjoying the new Wii Santa brought. (Not quite right--everyone else is. Video games don't like me :P.)

So, now what?

I'm hoping for time to write this week. Praying that God brings the right people to see our house SOON. We're supposed to be moving in February, so our house needs to SELL. It's a lousy market right now for sellers, yes, but God can do anything--even bringing us a buyer!

We've come a long way in 2009. Moving, still homeschooling, and my writing has made real progress. Visit my site--just click on the "eye" in the upper, right-hand corner of the blog--and go to "Who's Putting Me in Print" to see all the places I've been published, or will be published over the next year. You can still link to some of the online stories. A couple of the mags don't archive for more than a few weeks, so those links will take you to the mag but not my story.

My latest publication will be in just a few days. It's a personal experience story, and it will appear in "Now What?"--which is an online Christian magazine. I'm really glad they're posting it now. It's quite appropriate as an "end of the year" story because it talks about looking back and seeing the reason for what God has allowed to happen in your life. We often question our circumstances, wondering WHY God would lead us down such a rough road. The key is to follow Him, and once you're through, TURN AROUND and look at all that happened. You'll see God's handiwork all over the place if you just open your eyes. You'll understand what I mean when you read the story. I'll post the link when it comes out on the 31st!

For now, enjoy the last few days of 2009!


Janet Ramsdell Rockey said...

You are sooo talented! I'm praying that 2010 is the year Finding Angel gets published.
BTW, love the signage in your picture.

Anonymous said...

I echo what Janet said.

God can bring you a buyer for sure! Prayin' for ya, my friend.