Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Eyes on the Hilltop"--my first published fiction!


My first short fiction piece is officially published in Christian Fiction Online Magazine!!!!

Go here to read the whole magazine--my story is under the "Brilliant" tab, where you will find "Short Stories." This is an awesome magazine for writers, with loads of helpful info, so take some time to read the articles if you are at all interested in writing.

Go here if you want to go straight to the Short Stories page. Mine is the second story.
I am SO excited!! And I'd really love if you'd come back to my blog and leave me comment :).
OK, first, for the record, I still LOVE CFOM as a magazine, but omigosh do NOT read the "Fiction Rants" this month--read everything else, just not that one column. The writer of this month's rant completely bashed Inkheart.
Let's look at her complaints--
She says it sends the message that books are dangerous. Wait, I'm thinking if I were trying to tell people that books are dangerous, I'd not do it with a book. And apparently this person passed over all the beautiful imagery Cornelia Funke creates regarding the love of books possessed by ALL of the main characters. What I got from Inkheart is that books are magical, worlds unto themselves. Cornelia Funke floods the pages with the joy she obviously has over getting lost in a created world. Holy cow, Inkheart is a tribute to paper and ink, not a disparagement to it!
She also complains that the "kid" saves the day. Honey, it's a YOUNG ADULT novel. In ALL young adult novels, the kids save the day. That's what makes it young adult. Duh.
And then there's the fact that the "author" of the book inside the book (Inkheart is the tale of a book called Inkheart and its readers and author) is happy to see his villains come to life. First, the guy doesn't quite get that these people are REAL in the beginning--remember he wrote them--it's morbid fascination and we'd ALL be just like that. Second, by the end he DOES get it, cos he's smacked in the head with the reality of it all. Third, it is shown in the end that the writer in fact does control the show, not the characters, so he really doesn't need to be all that afraid of them anyway. Besides, a little humor never hurt anyone (ahem).
Last, she complains that the book is translated from German, insisting we Americans have enough trouble getting published that we don't need competition from another country. And we Americans never publish in other countries? I'm thinking there's a bit of green-eyed monster going on here.
Ok, I just had to get that off my chest. INKHEART ROCKS. It is one of the BEST books I have EVER read. (Yes, a little childish there, but so what :P.)

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Congratulations! Great metaphor.