Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Birthday Curse, Day Two

Day two actually spent most of its time in the "up" position--great bikeride in the morning, and lots of pool time during the day. My six-year-old daughter even got up in front of everyone poolside and sang karaoke with a couple of girls she met at the pool. They were TOO CUTE.

The kids bought some rocks at Black Market Minerals (yes, rocks--my son is way into geology and he's trying to pass the bug to his sister) and I even bought a really cool tiger eye necklace.

So far, so good--only two minor mishaps--my camera (I discovered AFTER I took the pics) was set wrong when I came across a falcon sitting in a tree and got some would-have-been-great shots. They're not terrible, but woulda been better had I noticed and changed the setting. (Lexi, wish you had been there, the pics would have been amazing :).

And, I lost my cell phone but it was returned almost immediately. Whew!

We made it to the longed-for Mexican place--they have other locations and we had to drive even farther, but we did make it. It was almost as good as I remembered it being, and we did have a good time.

And then the curse hit. Oh, yeah. You know it had to happen at some point. I got back from dinner and my head nearly exploded off. I never, ever get headaches. But last night I had a borderline migraine. I'm allergic to milk, and a headache is the major symptom, so since I never get headaches, that leads me to believe there was milk hidden in there somewhere even though I ordered no cheese and all that. Alas, I went to bed feeling miserable. But, much better this morning!

So now, we're on day three...and we'll be heading home. Pray for us to make it back safely.

We're back home, no incidents, no headache :). Yay! Of course, tomorrow will be the real test, since that's my actual birthday. This weekend was just the "celebration" of it. My kids will be celebrating tomorrow, though, since I won't be making them do lessons!

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