Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Birthday Curse, Day One...

OK, the title of this post needs a little explanation. My husband and I have determined that at some time there must have been a curse put on my birthday. It seems that something ALWAYS goes way wrong. Like the year I wanted to spend my birthday shopping at a local outdoor mall, and out of nowhere a storm hit and we were stuck dodging pouring rain all day. Or my thirtieth birthday, which was supposed to be a surprise party, but a fight I had with my husband over the logistics of getting to "dinner" forced him to tell me about it. And a few years ago my family and I spent my birthday driving back from Tenessee...all day...long, long hours...and had to stay overnight in a complete hole of a hotel. I'd give you more examples, but honestly, I've quit keeping track--they are memories best forgotten.

So this year we've decided to make a bit of a game out of it and everytime something happens we say, "Birthday curse!" We planned a nice little two-day camping trip where we'd won two nights free last time we were here. We figured we'd rather have the disaster weekend be something we didn't have to actually pay for.

Anyway, here's the list so far of things that have gone wrong so far:

My daughter came down with a cold.

My son broke his glasses--both pairs--so we had to delay our leave time to wait on the new pairs to be made.

We also had to drive my inlaws' truck to the airport as they were coming home from a two-week trip and had left their truck with us. It got egged and we didn't realize this until we got it to the airport parking lot. More delay trying to scrub dried egg of the door.

It rained on us while we drove to pick up our travel trailer from my inlaws' house--with our bikes on the back--and the whole time we were hooking the trailer up to the truck.

We didn't get to the campsite until 6:00 pm, all of us starving.

Hubby had issues with the hitch. Again.

Finally, able to leave the campsite and head out for dinner, my hopes totally set on this awesome Mexican place we've been eating at for years and years...had to drive a long way through Orlando traffic to get's gone, replaced by something we'd never heard of.

OK, I'll admit the food at the new place was pretty good, but it took forever to actually come, and my son ended up with a massive stomach ache. Calimari--he's just not used to fried food. I had the fried gator tail--oh, yeah, I'm a cracker. Yum-mee!!!!

So, it's not been a total disaster yet, and I"ve managed to create a fun list for you all to laugh over. Time to see what awaits on day two...

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Unknown said...

Wow. Pore you! Your birthdays are bad luck!