Friday, April 3, 2009

The Query Process--Part II

I promised a list of query writing resources, so here are some websites that give guidelines and examples: (this one has a couple of samples) (this one has a good list of "do nots") (just examples of ones that worked)

There are gobs of books out there, too:

The Writers Market

The Writers Digest Guide to Query Letters

Your Novel Proposal from Creation to Contract

AND THEN, when you have that query perfected, a couple of invaluable websites for finding an agent/publisher:

Of course, you can just Google "query letter" and you'll find even more resources than I have listed--way, way more--but these seemed particularly helpful to me.

BTW, I've been plugging away at queries. I've gotten quite a few responses, all of them "no" of course. But, I'm a first-time writer, so I understand this is the way it's going to go. It only takes ONE "yes." Mine will come!

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