Friday, February 13, 2009

ROTC at the Nerd Table?

Apparently I can't let go of this analogy. I had not intended to make this into a series of posts, but I just finished another book by Christian author Amy Deardon. The book is called A Lever Long Enough. A military-meets-Christian novel. Hm, ROTC at the nerd table.

I first found out about Lever on Randall Ingermanson's blog. He endorsed the book, and I can see why. This is definitely a "guy book." (It's so cool when girls write guy books--proves we're not all into chic lit :). Technology abounds, military projects are compromised, war is at get the picture. Amidst it all, the Isreali military has developed a time machine, and a group of soldiers is sent back in time to film the theft of Jesus's body from the tomb in order to disprove His resurrection.

Her book is not for the reader who wants something quick and easy. It reminded me of sci-fi from the eighties, back when "just move it along and entertain" wasn't the golden rule of writing. But it's a contemporary version of the old hard science sci-fi, with the added twist of ancient Jerusalem. Amy really researched the science behind the technology in her book, as well as the history of Jerusalem, and she lets it show. She took her writing seriously, and put her all into it.

Amy Deardon's passion shows in the book as well. She was a skeptic for a long time, actually searching on her own for proof against Christ's resurrection. What she discovered in her research surprised her, dismayed her, and eventually won her over. (Yay!)

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