Monday, February 9, 2009

Giveaway for dragon lovers

I recently visited Donita K. Paul's blog (she's one of my favorite authors) and saw that she had posted some pictures of items in her dragon collection.

Well, I am also a dragon lover. I don't have the collection she has going, because I have an aversion to dusting and therefore anything that may need to be dusted. Love dragons, hate dusting more.

I do, however, love books more than I hate dusting. Many of the books I own have dragons as characters (like the DragonKeepers series by, you guessed it, Donita K. Paul). And as an excuse to have even more dragon books in the house, I buy them for my eight-year-old son--stuff like Dragonology...

...and one of my favorite childrens books of all time, The Dragons Are Singing Tonight, by Jack Prelutsky.

I originally bought The Dragons Are Singing Tonight as part of a fundraiser for a local group. I had never heard of it, but it had "dragons" in the title and the other books in the catalog did not. That, of course, meant it must be the best in the lot :).

I fell in love with it the moment I opened it.

The pages are filled with poetry centered around dragons, from serious to scary, fanciful to funny. Some of the poems are a mere four lines long, others are closer to thirty lines. My favorite poem in the book is one of the former:

If you don't believe in dragons,
It is curiously true
That the dragons you disparage
Choose to not believe in you.

I think that pretty much sums it up--dragons rely on our belief and imagination in order to exist, and I'm certainly not going to contribute to their extinction :).

Wonderful illustrations by Peter Sis accompany each poem, and there are seventeen in all.

My kids and I love this book so much I've recently had to order a replacement copy because ours literally fell apart at the seams. So, I thought, "Why not order two and give one away?"

So I did.

Click on the "eye" in the upper right hand corner of this blog, and leave a message on any page of my website. I'll choose a winner at random and send you a copy of The Dragons Are Singing Tonight.

If you win, this is what you'll be getting.

Good luck!!!


Melanie Dickerson said...

I would love to win this book for my daughter. She LOVES dragons!
melaniedickerson at knology dot net

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of this book!

Please enter me in the contest.

Thank you,

Becky C.