Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Three Published Stories in Three Days!

 Three anthologies released this past week with short stories of mine inside!

Another HAVOK anthology, Vice & Virtue, features my flash fiction "First Impression." This story goes along with "Dude" which you can read HERE for free on Wattpad. You can purchase Vice & Virtue on Amazon.

Ring of Fire contains my story "Fire Wall" that was originally published in The Absent Willow Review (an online magazine that has since closed its doors). In "Fire Wall" a literal wall of fire has appeared, surrounding a city, and a mysterious stranger offers a means of escape.

You can purchase Ring of Fire on Amazon.

And last but not least, my story "Darkness" (which originally appeared in Realmscapes) is featured in Florida Tech's latest issue of their literary magazine Kaleidoscope. This is a magazine that is given out on campus, so I don't know if/how you can get a copy, but you can read a few old issues for free here. What is exciting for me about this one is that my story won their contest for best prose in this issue!

It was pretty fun this past week having three releases and receiving my author copies all within three days of each other. That doesn't happen often. Now, I've got to get to work finding homes for the next batch...


Robynn Tolbert said...

Awesome, Kat! So happy for you!

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks, Robynn! Long time, no see. Miss you!