Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Cover Art: A Superhero for Christmas

I've asked author H.L. Burke to post today about the cover art for her upcoming release, A Superhero for Christmas, part of her Superhero Rehabilitation Project series. 

Here's what she has to say:

I definitely know better than to attempt my own art. Both my daughters are (for their age) pretty good at drawing, but I have no attention to visual details, so generally speaking, I just give a vague idea to my cover artist and let them come up with something. I like to be surprised.

For my superhero universe, however, I always knew I wanted artwork that could reasonably fit in a comic book page, so drawn figures of people instead of photo manipulation or graphic design-type work.

I’ve known K.M. Carroll (on Deviant Art as NetRaptor… you should check her out. She’s got her own webcomic too https://www.deviantart.com/netraptor), and she’s done the artwork for this series ever since. I like the illustrated style because it feels comic-booky without looking like it
is for kids (except for maybe the YA series which IS arguably for kids).

Sometimes I’ll just give her a general list of traits, but for this one, I actually had casting in mind
for the characters. This is rare for me. Most actors or known people are too attractive to be my
characters who I generally imagine as everyday people, but with Glint, who is supposed to be
an overly charming, Superman stand-in with a sparkling smile and kind of a cheesy charisma, I
always felt he needed to be played by Nathan Fillion–and for the laughs, since this is a Hallmark
movie, I decided that the female lead would be Maggie Lawson (from Psych as well as some
Hallmark movies). I specifically asked for characters who looked a little like those actors but not
enough that I could be sued for using their likenesses without permission.
I love what she came up with.

Marvel hero action collides with Hallmark Holiday goodness in this new superhero romantic
comedy by Award-Winning author H.L Burke. Launches November 5th, 2022!

A Superhero for Christmas

When superhero, Glint's, aka Henry Nichols's, powers go on the fritz after a supervillain attack,
he finds himself rethinking his priorities. Years of devotion to public service have left him with
little for himself, and with forty swiftly approaching, he finds himself longing for his youth on his
grandfather's farm. An incognito vacation is just what he needs.

Former reporter Lara Landis lost her career and her only long-term relationship all in one
humiliating blow. Broke and rudderless, she retreats to her parents' small town grocery store to
try and make one last career rally, but how is she going to get a big scoop living in the middle of
nowhere? When a poorly disguised superhero lands in her neighborhood, insisting that he's just
a normal guy, she can't help but smell a story.

As their chance encounters turn into a begrudging friendship, Lara is surprised to find a caring,
sincere human beneath Henry's press-conference-ready exterior. When the truth comes out,
though, her big story could turn into his worst nightmare.

What readers are saying about A Superhero For Christmas:
Hallmark and Marvel got together to have a baby, Superhero for Christmas. An adorable
heart-warming cozy read for the reader looking for some superhero charm with their
Christmas, romance, and superheroes...this story lifted my heart up, up, and away!~Ernie
Laurence, Jr, author of the Islands of Loar series.
A cozy Christmas rom-com with superheroes... it doesn’t get better than this! ~ Brianna
This story has all of the feels with, thankfully, not a thing that was sappy. This is how I have
always wished Hallmark holiday stories were written. ~ Veronica Lynn, AKA Mrs. Spellsmith

About the Author:
H. L. Burke has written more books than she can count—because she's written a lot of books,
not just because she can't count very high. Easily distracted by shinies, she has published in many subgenres including fantasy romance, Steampunk, and superhero, and always creates story worlds with snark, feels, and wonder. Married to her high school crush, she spends her time writing, spoiling her cat, and supervising her two supervillains in training (aka her precocious daughters). An Oregon native, she wilts without trees and doesn't mind the rain. She is a fan of delicious flavor, a follower of the Light, and a believer in happily ever after.

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