Monday, October 21, 2013

Necronomicon 2013: The Best One Yet

Seventy-two hours of AWESOMENESS.

Day One:

Imagine my joy.

Getting a book and dust-jacket signed by Christopher Paolini. Can you say "nice guy"? :)

I got to bar tend at Friday night's Ygor/Igor beer-tasting party. Cheers!

Day Two:

The author table, and the author :P.

GORGEOUS corset. Those are TARDISes, btw. I love the latches down the front, too. 

Na-na na-na na-na na-na....

Steampunk love runs in the family :).

Author bud, David Berger.

My every-year Necro companion. We were waiting outside here because the hotel was evacuated when a sprinkler went off. The story seems to be that either someone hung a dress on the sprinkler, or a curling iron was left on.
Either way--it was the wedding party at the hotel, not the freak-fest that did it! Mwahahahahahahaa.....

Before they became enemies, the Doctor and his Cyberman were friends... ;)

What I did *not* get a picture of was the awesome silver balloon that these two had that said "Leaded Zeppelin." 

Me and the astronomy geekess in her awesome Dalek dress. 

Bow ties and fezzes are cool.

The pic doesn't do these two justice. They really looked the parts.

One--the Two--Elvira is pretty tall herself, so...
Anyway, they both looked awesome. 

Me and my Necro-companion, and author bud Bill Hatfield. 

Maleficent. Again, the pic doesn't do justice. She looked even more fabulous.

Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

I admit--I stole this off Facebook, but it's so much better than the one I took. This costume was
(And yes, that's Christopher Paolini again!)

Day Three:

(No pics during the con itself--just a few panels and then selling books.)

After the con, hanging out by the hotel bar and listing to Bill Hatfield play and sing. A lot of talent under that hair.

After the con, at dinner at Mr. Dunderbak's.
What happens at the con stays at the con.

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