Tuesday, August 13, 2013

St.Louis Trip, Part 2 (Or, Pictures with Captions to Make it Shorter)

This post is going to rely on the old adage: "A picture is worth 1,000 words." 
Less narration, more phtoto highlights of the second half of the St. Louis trip:

Walking on the train tracks by the river behind St. Charles Historic District.

Me and my little Beastie with downtown STL.

The Arch is REALLY tall.
No, we did NOT go up there.

Saw this all over downtown. I kept thinking, "Monsters, Inc!"

Oh, such creative marketing :P. The best "in the whole wide world."
*eye roll*
Did make for a good stop while....

....Jeff's cousin took Beastie 1 to the Wax Museum

Insert "Pretty Woman" theme song....

Even with my dairy allergy I totally indulged here.
150 people standing in the parking lot at like 10:00 at night can't be wrong.

At the zoo...which is the Beastie?

An inordinate fondness for beetles...

Oh, the implications when both Kat is me and Me is me....

Does this really need a caption?
My husband is the awesomest.

I'm kinda breaking my own rule here. THIS needs explaining. After the flat tire, we pulled into the nearest town. A tiny place (population under 14,000) called Jackson, MO.

This gas station was the cleanest I have EVER seen.

The bathrooms had granite counter tops and granite tile. The mirrors were all decorative. It was like going into the restroom at a nice restaurant. No joke. I know--why the big fuss? Well, a two-day drive up, a two-day drive back...lots of stops at fast food places and such to use the restroom...this was a little slice of heaven :P.


When I came out, I noticed a rack of books. NOT the typical Nickolas Sparks or whatever you'd expect to see in a gas station. Nope, books like these:

Yeah, YA spec-fic. So I bought these. (There were plenty others, too!)

Not that either of those titles ended up all that great, but it was like, wow, I'm in the middle of nowhere, in a clean gas station, with YA spec-fic books for sale at $3.99 each....am I being punk'd?

And....that brings us to the second day driving, mostly through Alabama to avoid the state in which I shall never live. Lovely rolling hills and lots of green, and lots of heavy rain. But we are safely home, and days later I'm sorta recovered :).

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Carol Linsky said...

Glad to see Beastie 1 so excited about the other beast! And Beastie 2 was wearing the cute outfit that she and I made. Love the "Kat and Me" cup:) Hope you bought a souvenir there! Love all the pictures and so glad y'all had such a good time. Love you, Mom