Sunday, February 24, 2013

Short Story Ebook Release

It's a short post today just to let ya know that I've got a short story on Kindle and Nook now. A little under 10,000 words, Ordinary Folk released this weekend. It's a werewolf story with a twist.

Here's the description:

Janey’s symptoms are getting stronger, and stranger. Nothing her doctor and Dawson say can get the idea out of her head: It’s all tied to the full moon. She knows they think she’s being irrational, but she feels the connection in a way she can’t even begin to explain.

She needs answers, and the only way she can think to get them is to visit the town where her parents grew up. But the visit is nothing like she expects…the odd looks, the whispers behind her back. And the old man who seems to know her secrets. Is there something in this tiny town’s history—and Janey’s—that’s not so ordinary?

Ordinary Folk was originally published in the Dark Heroes anthology by Pill Hill Press (which sadly has recently shut its doors).

The awesome cover art was done by a talented teen photographer named Alexa Williams. You can see more of her work on her Dallas Valley Photography Facebook page.

You can find Ordinary Folk on Amazon and B& for 99 cents.

PS--if you read it, I'd much appreciate a review :).

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