Friday, October 12, 2012

Cover Art Post: The Devil's Hit List by Frank Creed

The third installment of The Underground series by Frank Creed has just released. I've not actually read any of his books yet, but the things I've heard about them are really making me want to! The reason I'm featuring him here today is that this third book, The Devil's Hit List, is published by Splashdown Books, which is, of course, my publisher too.

Here's what Frank had to say about the cool cover:

What is the story behind your cover art?

The photo of downtown Chicago was actually taken by Grace Bridges from the old Sears Tower skydeck when she visited years ago. Its a northeastern view which happens to be the portion of city where much of Devils Hit List is set.

What was your experience like working with Splashdown on your cover art?

Well, Grace gave that picture to cover artist Krystine Kercher and she whipped this up for us, lickety-split. It was an absolute breeze. I love the crosshair and am thrilled with the end result.

Now, ya'll know I'm all about cover art. And I've gotten to contribute to a lot of covers from Splashdown. I've done drawings for a few, and I've been a part of the tweaking/perfecting process for several others. Grace has used my artistic eye many times, and it's tremendously fun. I didn't really do much for this one, other than give a yay or nay on some of the various positions they tried for the cross-hairs. So, the cover for this really goes entirely to Krystine and Grace, and they did an awesome job!

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