Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Slowing Down to Speed Up

I have two awesome authors/editors going through Seeking Unseen right now. They're marking up my baby with lots of red ink, nit-picking, looking for ways to perfect her. Which means that very, very soon I'll be slowing down online so I can spend time working on getting rid of all that red ink and putting on a final polish!

I've also had to slow down on the internet a bit lately because I've been stepping up at church and getting involved in things there. It's one reason we left our old church--we felt like we couldn't "plug in." Well, no problems with that at the new one! So far I've joined the rotation of ladies who teach Beastie 2's early Sunday School class, Jeff and I have taken on teaching the current lesson in our own Sunday School class for the next couple of  months, and I've been somehow handed a huge chunk of an artistic project to celebrate our church's ten year anniversary (my part being the representation of the "future" of our church).

Homeschooling is getting more complicated, too, as the Beasties are getting older. Not a complaint--I love watching them grown and learn. But man, oh, man, the jumps they're taking. Which means, you guessed it, more slowing down on internet time as I focus on the Beasties.

Oh, yes, and then there is writing. Once Seeking Unseen is out the door, it will be time to move on to the next project. I actually have three major ones that all need attention! The third book in the Finding Angel series, of course. Then a novella length story that goes with the series, a prequel of sorts. The third project is a novel, completely unrelated to Finding Angel--it's an adult paranormal that's about 3/4 written, but needs finishing and editing. Not to mention the fact that it's been ages since I worked on short stories.

So, as you see, things will likely be slowing down Here a bit, but it's only because they are speeding up Everywhere Else. I am both Tortoise and Hare these days!

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