Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Link Collection

A few things have collected this week, so today is a post of links. But they are good links. Really, really good.

First, Kersten Hamilton joins us today on New Authors' Fellowship to share her journey to publication. She's the one who wrote Tyger, Tyger and In the Forests of the Night, which I have been raving about lately. Her post is truly worth a read. Very encouraging. Very entertaining. Please, please go by and check it out and leave a comment!

Second, another blog to check out today is Magical Ink. Heather Titus has announced the book she has chosen as "Book of the Year." She gives hints in her post as to--ahem--which book it is, with a link to her Bookshelf that reveals the--ahem--title.  So seriously, go find out which book --AHEM--she has chosen...and enter there to win a copy!!!

And last...but definitely not least in importance...the Grace Awards have opened for voting. This is a reader driven contest, which means readers get to send in votes for their favorite books of 2011. I would love...really, really see Finding Angel win the Young Adult category. So if you are so inclined (please, please be so inclined), head over to the Grace Awards site and check out how to vote. It is a short 25-word email telling what you loved about Finding Angel. The only prerequisite is some sort of social media account as "proof" you are voting only as yourself.

See, told you they were good links! Now get scootin'.

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Carol Linsky said...

WOO HOO!!! Congratulations - Book of the Year 2011 - ahem - that's so fabulous! I won't enter the contest because I have a signed copy from you, my precious daughter:) I'm so proud of you and so thrilled to see you getting the recognition you deserve for such a terrific book.

Love you very much,