Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First, Second, Third, Fourth, Eleventh....

First, there is an interview with me and a contest right now at The Barn Door Book Loft. You can enter to win an ebook copy of Finding Angel by visiting and leaving a comment.

Second, Finding Angel is now available in ALL formats, including print and Kindle at Amazon,  print and Nook at Barnes & Noble, all ebook formats at Smashwords, and print at The Book Depository (which has free international shipping).

Third, the anthology recently published by Splashdown Books - Aquasynthesis - has been receiving some great reviews. Three of my stories are in that book, two of which are companion stories to Finding Angel

The latest review really touched me. Heather Titus dubbed my story "Dude" her favorite of the bunch! Check out her full review HERE.

Fourth, I got my contributor copy of Dark Heroes in the mail yesterday. Having my own book has not at all diminished the thrill of getting a copy of an anthology with one of my short stories inside.  

Dark Heroes is the eleventh anthology that contains a story of mine. (Ah, now the blog title makes sense, eh?) For some reason that number feels significant. You'd think that the tenth one would have meant more--double digits and all--but this one really jumped out at me. Eleven anthologies. Must admit it feels rather cool to say that.

Anyway, that's my book news. Still pondering in search of a mind-blowing blog post for next time....


Lum said...

Congratulations, Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eleven is an AWESOME number!! :)

Kat Heckenbach said...

Thanks! Yep, it's a pretty cool number :).