Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving to the Granny Flat

I certainly hope y'all have been checking out my posts on the New Authors' Fellowship. I've been a Featured Author there since early January 2011. But my time has run out. It's not a sad thing, though! I'm moving up to the "Granny Flat"--our affectionate term for Alumni status. It means I won't be posting weekly anymore, but I'm still there, and I will be posting once a month.

Today, I posted my last post as a Featured Author: Up, Up...but Not Away.

To make sure you don't miss future posts on there, I'll put links up here. But you are certainly free to go follow the NAF blog--there are plenty of other awesome authors on there posting every day. Bop around the site over there and visit my page to catch up on all my previous posts.

Oh, and I'll be throwing this out now and then: I've started another blog/site specific to Finding Angel (http://findingangel.com/) that I'll be trying to keep up now that I don't have the weekly obligation to NAF. It will be focused entirely on Finding Angel stuff. News, drawings, contests, companion short stories, etc. Anything that can be directly related to the series will make its way over there. Obviously, I'll be posting about Finding Angel and my progress on subsequent books here, too, but not quite as in-depth. So head on over and follow, follow!

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