Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Off to the Wild Blue Yonder

And so, life has moved forward once again and I've had little time to blog. I've been prepping my manuscript of Finding Angel for submission to a small press. I officially submitted three days ago, after spending a looooooong morning participating in the Susan G. Komen cancer walk. Exhaustion is a good motivator to get something over with. I knew if I didn't just send it in, I'd spend an eternity nit-picking. So, off it went.

The day before that, I submitted a short story to the same press. It's one I particularly loved writing. If they don't take it, I'll be shopping it until it finds a home. Let's hope that's not necessary :).

Since my submission, I have been line editing for Shawna Williams, whose first book, No Other, is published in ebook form through Desert Breeze Publishing. I was able to be a big part of that book, critiquing each chapter as Shawna finished. I fell in love with her story and characters. I didn't have time to do quite as much with the sequel, In All Things, but as I read through it now I realize I did get to be pretty involved in a good chunk of it (reading and critiquing, that is). It's a beautiful continuation of the story in No Other. Same rockin' characterization--Shawna's fabulous at that!

Little secret--there are two references to me in the story in In All Things. How cool is that?

I've also been getting a sneak peek at a book that is going to be submitted to the same press I submitted Finding Angel to this week. So far, I've gotten to read nine chapters, and they have been so good :). I won't give way who I'm talking about--not yet. But soon, I'm sure, I'll get to, um, name names.

Anyway, I will of course keep you posted as to the statuses of my submissions once I know them! Nervous, nervous...but excited!


Anonymous said...

SWEET! Wishing you great big luck on the submission of Finding Angel!

Congrats on doing the super long walk! That's awesome!

Write on, my friend.

Shawna K. Williams said...

I saw the title of your post and came over here to ask, "Anything, anything?" as it seems I'm almost as anxious as you are. And here you are tlaking about my book. I love you! And yes, neither of these books would be if it weren't for you. That's why I included certain things in the story as a tribute. hehe. You are a dear friend, and an amazing writer.