Monday, June 21, 2010

Judging a Book by Its Cover....

First, thanks to those who left comments on the Finding Angel book cover. The over-all consensus seems to be that it's a good design but doesn't clearly convey the concept of the story. The beetle and locket are key elements in the story, which is why I chose that image. The wood...well wood and trees play a lot of roles as well. It's a situation in which you'd understand the significance of it all if you've read the book. The challenge seems now to find something that is understandable and intriguing to those who have not.

I'll state that I've found I nearly always ignore cover art when choosing a book. If it's really bad--as in amateurish, not ugly--it can dissuade me, for fear that the story inside will be hack. I enjoy cover art that is obviously produced by a talented painter or such, but then it is the ability of the artist I'm admiring and I know that doesn't translate to a good story, and I wouldn't buy the book based on the art. I focus mostly on title, sometimes bypassing the back-cover blurb in favor of going straight to the story itself. To be honest--many of my very favorite novels sport cover art I don't like at all!

So, let me ask you...what are some of your favorite book covers? Do they match the stories within? And do your favorite covers line up with your favorite books?


Linda said...

Leota's Garden in the new cover is fantastic! Matches the storyline perfectly. I read it in the original package design. I'm not usually captured by a cover, but a good cover is easy on the eyes and tells a lot about the book.

Unknown said...

Boneshaker has a beautiful cover and it's relevant to the story itself. I usually try my very best not to judge a book by its cover, but that's really the first thing to catch your eye when you're in a bookstore and you have no clue what you're really looking for. I do agree with you though, Kat, in regards to how I sometimes overlook a book if the cover looks amateurish - I jump to the conclusion that the material inside is the same, when sometimes that may not be true.